One Response to “Little Paws Cat Sitting: A local business making a difference in our community”

  1. Carrie says:

    When I went away last May, I left my cats at a cat hotel for the week. While it was close to my home, they didn’t eat, they were stressed out and really didn’t fare well at all. I had no idea how my cats were doing until I got home and then, I realized just how distressed they were.

    When I became aware of Little Paws cat sitting, my heart soared! Little Paws Cat Sitters have looked after my cats a few times over the summer. I had NO idea how stressed out I WAS about leaving my cats – until Little Paws came over! As part of their “intake”, they asked so many questions about my cats – things I wouldn’t have thought of – that ensured they had a solid understanding of my cats and their needs. I received pictures of my cats – who looked so relaxed. They even watered my plants! Every time I’ve come home – I’ve come home to happy, contented cats who have been so well cared for. They even get new toys that they LOVE! Love your cat? Want to have a stress free time away from home, assured that your cats are CARED FOR? Use Little Paws Cat Sitters. It’s the best cat decision you’ll make.